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A Contemporary Twist on the Mad Men Vision

At Alpha, we pride ourselves on transforming office spaces into functional and inspiring environments that reflect our clients' unique visions. In a recent project, we had the pleasure of working with a visionary who wanted to make a bold impact with their office design. Inspired by a 60s Retro theme our team took this concept and infused it with a contemporary twist, resulting in a stunning transformation that perfectly embodied the client's ethos.

Client's Vision: A Fusion of Classic Elegance and Contemporary Sophistication

Collins Rolston envisioned a space that would not only reflect their own creative vision as architects but also create a lasting impression on anyone who entered. Inspired by the 60s era they wanted to capture the essence of classic elegance while infusing it with modern sophistication.

A Detailed Look at the Project

  1. Executive Office: The centrepiece of the design was the executive office, designed to exude an aura of luxury and refinement. Alpha's team curated a collection of executive furniture that combined timeless design with modern functionality. To add a touch of exclusivity, a bespoke hidden drinks cabinet was incorporated, allowing the executive to entertain clients in style.
  2. Open Plan Office Area: Recognising the importance of collaboration and fostering a close-knit team, the open plan office area was revamped to include collaborative spaces. Alpha's team strategically placed comfortable seating areas and innovative workstations to encourage creativity, teamwork, and a sense of camaraderie among the team.
  3. Reception Area: The first impression matters, and the reception area was no exception. Alpha's team transformed this space into a welcoming oasis, featuring extremely comfortable soft furnishings that invited visitors to relax and unwind. The crowning jewel was a branded sign, ingeniously inset within laminate slats, which added a powerful visual element and conveyed the client's brand identity.

A Collaborative Approach

The Alpha Team worked closely with Collins Rolston to bring their vision to life, collaborating on every aspect of the project. From conceptualisation to execution, our experts diligently incorporated our client's preferences and feedback, ensuring the final result aligned perfectly with their vision.

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