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Castlight Financial needed support in refreshing their existing office space to increase capacity, engage and integrate the brand, and increase collaborative work settings to better augment the working practices of employees. Operating with a headcount of 34 staff, incorporating flexible areas in to the space to support spontaneous collaboration and soft seating booths for focused and shared activities with integrated media units, was a fundamental component of the workspace refresh. The meeting room space previously occupied a significant footprint within the floor plate. The issue this caused was that there was ‘a one-size-fits-all’ stigma attached to the meeting room. Private phone calls, 1-2-1 meetings, collaborative meetings of 4, and large team meetings all took place in this one meeting room on a daily basis meaning there was a lack of flexibility which impacted on the business process. As part of the office refresh, the area dedicated previously to one large meeting room has now been divided in to two meeting rooms. Acoustic soundproofing has been applied above and below the partition walls to provide limit noise transfer, meaning regardless of what type of meeting is going on in either room there is both visual and sound privacy. The stimulating carpet feature was designed to reflect the company’s brand and this labyrinth of colour mouths out to many of the other elements in the scheme including task seating, soft seating, and the writable locker units to create a dynamic working environment.

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