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How To Enhance Your Learning Environment with the Right Furniture

23 January, 2023

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Furniture is like the equilibrium of your classroom.

It’s an essential function of the classroom, how it makes us feel and what it does for us sets us up for how we perform, concentrate and work. Whether it’s working collaboratively, needing an individual, private space or just needing somewhere comfortable to boost your productivity. We’re going to fill you in on the secrets of how to enhance your learning environment and put student engagement and productivity levels at the forefront of your furniture choices.

Comfort breeds Focus

The rise in working from home is pushing ‘home comforts’ to the forefront of priorities for those in working and learning environments. Comfort is key when considering what furniture is right for your classroom or study area. Everyone likes to be comfortable, it leaves you with fewer distractions, feeling content and therefore being able to prioritise your work, allowing you to think clearly and focus. Ergonomically designed furniture provides the proper support for your body with a focus on lumbar support, correct posture and adjustable functions allowing students to sit comfortably without strain. Furniture that boasts ergonomics provides the support necessary for students to stay focused for longer by reducing fatigue.

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Collaboration breeds Innovation

The classroom is a learning environment, and two heads are always better than one. Collaborative workspaces and breakout areas are a great way to encourage students to work together and participate in teamwork. Creating collaboration and breakout areas for your learning environment is a fun way of expressing your inner child. They can range from utilising floor space with large sofas and furniture pieces to styles similar to large kitchen table-like spaces. Choices like these can take the solemn vibe out of the classroom and promote a cheerful, stress-free environment which allows students to thrive while feeling comfortable and relaxed.

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Privacy breeds Productivity

Sometimes all your students want and need is a quiet place to sit and focus on their independent study. Or perhaps you need private spaces for exam seasons. Either way, there are a variety of options that can provide privacy for your students in the classroom without things looking daunting or militant. Adjustable privacy screens between desks can be a great way to alternate between needing a private, exam setting or opening up the space to collaboration and teamwork. Alternatively, individual study booths give your students the option to work independently without distraction.

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Colour sparks Imagination

It’s no secret that colours inspire us. It is psychologically proven that different colours can have different effects on our moods. Colours can increase alertness, create a sense of calm and capture attention so your colour choices can have a significant impact on your students’ concentration and performance. Colours like greens and yellows create a calming atmosphere allowing students to relax and focus. Whereas colours like blues and purples can inspire creativity and innovation, promoting stamina and longevity in a study session. The colour of the year, Viva Magenta, promotes optimism and confidence, encouraging everyone to embrace their individualism.

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There seems like a lot of things to consider when choosing furniture for your learning environment, but the good news is, nowadays there are infinite options and endless opportunities to create a learning space for your students that considers all of their needs and prioritises health and wellbeing. The traditional classroom dynamic is a thing of the past so when considering a remodel of your learning environment these tips should help you get on track to providing the most for your students to enhance their learning experience.

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