Kvadrat Really on circular products and no waste furniture solutions

14 June, 2023

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Experience ground-breaking, circular furniture solutions that incorporate innovative, circular engineered materials and promote a no-waste future. And a partnership that empowers customers with a truly sustainable option in their hands.

Kvadrat Really

Kvadrat’s new collection ‘Really’, consisting of tabletops, board and felt acoustic solutions will blow your mind and have you questioning how someone even thinks of designing something like that.

Kvadrat are revolutionizing the sustainability and industry standards through their commitment to innovative products. Their product range ‘Rewool’ is the process of helping collect fallen fibers from fabrics production and ensuring they are reused instead of wasted.

Their latest creativity-inspiring endeavor designed by Raf Simons introduces us to products made entirely out of end-of life materials such as cotton, wool and denim! These new products, ranging from boards to tabletops and even acoustic felt boards, have all gone through a process where they're milled down into smaller components and compacted together. The boards and tabletops are then sealed with melamine for extra durability, making them not just eco-friendly but also robust enough for everyday use.

The three products come in different end of life materials: denim, cotton and wool. The finish or colour of the products won’t be impeccable as it is made from natural materials without the use of additional dyes. Therefore, slight colour differences may occur.

Textile Table Top

Finally. A no-waste concept for office tabletops. Textile Tabletop is made from end-of-life cotton and recycles the equivalent of 60 t-shirts. Imagine being able to say that your desk is made from old t-shirts!

Textile Tabletop is a durable circular material designed for all horizontal applications. It is crafted from end-of-life cotton and wool and is 100% recyclable.

Durable and aesthetic, Textile Tabletop meets the highest standards for resisting scratches, heat and liquids.

Textile Tabletop comes pre-coated in sizes ideal for horizontal surfaces in offices and private homes. In addition, it offers a choice of subtle, timeless colours and oak veneer or ABS edges.

Table Top

Textile Board

Textile Board is a pre-coated high-density material made from end-of-life textiles and cut offs from Kvadrat. As it comes pre-coated with a melamine surface, it is directly applicable and resilient to wear and tear.

The input materials, and hence the colours, have been selected with meticulous consideration of current resource streams. The core of Textile Board is made from end-of-life white cotton from industrial laundries.

Ideal for horizontal applications, it meets the furniture industry’s highest standards, notably the requirement for category 5 surface resistance.

Textile Clothing Textile Chair

Textile Felt

Textile Felt is an innovative acoustic material. Ideal for ceilings and wall installations, it features a pioneering bi-component fibre. It expresses hints of the many recycled textiles used in its creation process. A rich scale of fabric fibres and tones emerges from its subtly structured surface.

This achievement demonstrates how creativity, ingenuity and commitment can come together for ground-breaking results beyond anything we thought possible just a few years ago.

Textile Felt

The Senator Group X Kvadrat Really

The Senator Group has partnered with Kvadrat Really. Allermuir pairs the Kvadrat Textile Tabletop with their Turo table, showcasing the latest in circular engineered materials and promoting a no waste future.

Kvadrat Really’s Textile Tabletop is a fully circular high-quality engineered material made from upcycled end-of-life textiles. It is designed to be reused and challenges designers and architects to rethink their use of resources. Furthermore, it is produced without using colour, water or toxic chemicals.

This partnership empowers every customer with the option to have a truly circular product and is further testament to both companies' commitment to promoting sustainable practices and creating innovative solutions for the design industry.

Allermuir Turo


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