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7 tips on how to incorporate exercise into your 9-5

5 April, 2023

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Are you aware that sitting for an extended period of time can cause your body's fat-burning enzymes to slow down by 90%?

Don't let your desk job leave you feeling lethargic - hitting the gym after work may not be the only solution. Scientists have found that incorporating short bursts of movement throughout the day can be equally as effective.

Exercise at Desk

Here are 7 ways to incorporate exercise into your 9-5:

  • Skip the elevator and take the stairs instead. Taking the stairs allows you to get those extra steps in and move your body. It gets your heart rate up, your blood pumping and increases your energy leaving you in a better mood and more energised when you return to your desk.
  • Consider taking a walk during your lunch break. Taking a brisk stroll around your office or area will be refreshing and beneficial for your overall health. Not to mention the benefits natural light gives you from being outside.
  • Consider face-to-face meetings as opposed to online. This will give you the opportunity to stretch your legs, move around and it’s also a great way to connect with your colleagues on a personal level.
  • Try to stand more throughout the day. Sitting down for longer than 20 minutes at a time reduces your circulation which makes you more tired faster. So try to alternate between sitting and standing or just jump up from your desk for a quick two minutes every 20 or 30 minutes to stretch your legs.
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  • For collaboration sessions, try standing around a media chart. This can be a great way to ‘think on your feet’.. literally! Collaboration sessions are usually a good way to get up from your desk so try not to just sit somewhere else and maybe try standing to get your heart rate and circulation increased.
  • Walk around on the phone. If you find yourself with your phone to your ear a lot, try pacing whilst on the phone or taking a dander if you know it’ll be a long phonecall.
  • Try to use your commute to exercise. If you can, try parking your car a few carparks over and leave extra time to walk the rest of the way. If you use public transport, get off a few stops before yours to get your steps in. This could also work for your commute home. Or maybe your company has a bike to work scheme, this is a great way to get exercise in and save the environment!
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For those days where you feel like you’re low on energy and your concentration is waning, don’t be disheartened! Just remember that a simple and small change to your workplace routine can make a world of difference. Try out these tips and get moving. Who knew there were so many different ways to stay productive while working? Remember nothing changes if nothing changes. So try that meeting standing up, take that walk at lunch time or invest in a height adjustable desk. Have fun getting creative with it! Move more, move better, and look after yourself both physically and mentally.

To find out more about height adjustable desks or collaborative meeting furniture to facilitate more movement in your office, get in touch with us.


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