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27 February, 2023

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Alpha network partner Frövi share their insights on sustainable furniture solutions..

Future-ready companies do business differently. They understand the value of working relationships, flexible working patterns, and, most importantly, the limited resources provided by the natural environment. Climate change is driving the entire planet to a dangerous global tipping point and sustainability has become a prime focus for forward thinking design.

Did you know that over 15 million used chairs and desks end up in landfill?

These statistics from Business Waste are alarming, and should be a catalyst for prompting change.

“Throw away” culture is no longer an option for businesses that wish to retain their staff and attract new talent; environmental corporate responsibility is now the standard. Opting for sustainable furniture saves costs in the long term – not to mention the significant reduction in landfill. Sustainable materials embody all the qualities of a robust material without causing further devastation to our environment. Not only can we reduce the impact, but thoughtful design and material selection can also lead to a longer service life for products.

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Implementing a few changes into the workplace doesn’t have to be ground-breaking. You can look at material choices and search for sustainable alternatives. Rebar is a great choice for shelving units, like Foundry due to its strength and the robust qualities it retains from its previous life as a reinforcing bar for concrete. It also complements the industrial interiors trend that continues to thrive.

If you’re seeking more of a natural look, Bamboo shelving units look fabulously contemporary whilst embracing an eco-friendly material.

Breakout seating can be replaced with unusual material such as cork, for example Grow Cork Stools are stylish, easily manoeuvrable, 100% recyclable and have a low carbon footprint.

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Blume provides a solution to every task including standard and poseur table heights, both of which are available with integrated power. Complementary stools and chairs are also available in a wide range of colours, from natural tones to bold and beautiful. For an earthy feel, there’s also the delightfully natural, bamboo tabletop finish. Blume is more than its striking design and the dedication to sustainability goes beyond the product itself.

For every Blume purchase, a tree is planted as part of the One Tree Planted scheme; a non-profit charity with a global presence. As we take strides into a more sustainable future, it now gives us great pride to allow our customers to give something back to the environment.

As we consider the rising trend of sustainable furniture, we refer to the current popularity of incorporating sustainable practices into office spaces. However, the objective is for this to become ‘the norm’.

With your contribution, there is no doubt that sustainable furniture is here for the long haul. Sustainability is here to stay, and eco-friendly furniture choices are paving the way for forward thinking businesses.

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